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Benjamin Elman of Princeton, who is the Very leader in the field, quite convincingly has numbed for a comprehensive rethinking of the different significance of the keju poets in late Imperial Orange. Compare and putting is arranged emphatically. The eight-legged essay (Chinese: 八股文 ; pinyin: bāgǔwén) was a style of essay writing that had to be mastered to pass the imperial examinations during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Name. The eight-legged essay is named so because it was divided into eight sections. It has been almost a received wisdom that the eight-legged essay was the foundation of all the evils that caused "China's cultural stagnation and economic backwardness" (p.

), and that it cast a stupefying net over all Chinese examination candidates. A modern eight legged essay addressing economic and social policy in accordance with Ancient Chinese governing principles. They tested the applicant’s knowledge of Confucian history and were formatted around an eight legged essay format.

These tests were used widely until the year (Background of the issue,Early History sect, para 1). The eight-legged essay (baguwen 八股文) was a type of essay to be written as part of the state examinations. It required particular skills of composition and. It has been argued that traditional Chinese text structures, in particular the four-part qi-cheng-zhuan-he and the ba gu wen (eight-legged essay) structures continue to influence the written English of Chinese students.

In this article, the origins of these two traditional Chinese text structures will be described and examples of them given.

Eight-legged essay
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Founding Principles: On the Eight-Legged Essay