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The Entertainer by Scott Joplin

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Scott Joplin

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Biography of Scott Joplin

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Jasen and Tichenor My final recorded moves in the Midwest were to America and Chickasha, both in Holland around. Ragtime – also spelled rag-time or rag time – is a musical style that enjoyed its peak popularity between and Its cardinal trait is its syncopated or "ragged" rhythm.

Scott Joplin is regarded by most as the "King" of Ragtime Writers, in part due to his early success with the best-selling Maple Leaf Rag but more importantly due to the enduring nature and quality of his ragtime page sets out information on Scott Joplin in the following topics.

ROBERT HAMPTON. Robert Hampton WWI Draft Registration Card 5th June One of the members of the later school of classic ragtime in St. Louis was the fine pianist and composer, Robert Hampton. Scott Joplin, the son of a Freed Slave and a Freeborn Woman, was a first Generation Free Black American born around Joplin was born in Texas; it was a time and place where the air was electrified with a plethora of stimulating sounds.

Scott Joplin was born in Texas during the late s. During his younger years, his family moved to Texarkana, which was the border of Texas and Arkansas.

It was in this town that his talent in music was first discovered by his school instructor, a German-born local names Julius Weiss. Archeophone's 70 reissues to date have earned 15 Grammy nominations and 1 Grammy win. We specialize in making the world's oldest records accessible, and all of our releases feature top-notch audio restorations and extensive new scholarship that sets the standard for historical reissues.

Essay on scott joplin
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